Product Name : StrideRider Gait Trainer
Product Description
Multi-functional, modular supports-walkers
Designed to develop walking skills with cerebral palsy, as
well as patients with various disorders of the musculoskeletal 
system. The supports-walkers are equipped with a complete 
set of devices for fixing various parts of the body in the 
correct position. All devices are easily attached and removed,
allowing the walkers to be assembled like a constructor, 
according to the needs of a particular patient at different
stages of rehabilitation. All fixators are adjustable in several 
parameters for the most accurate fitting of the walkers to the
anatomical features of the patient. The walkers are available 
in three sizes and can be used both in rehabilitation centers 
and at home.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Forearm platform
  • Ankle prompts
  • Hip positioner & Pad with hand grip
  • Trunk support
  • Thigh prompts
  • Multi-function wheels (pedal brakes, ratchet, force switches, direction locks)


  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_8.png
    Folding framework for easy transportation, M,L
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_9.png
    Multi-function wheels (pedal brakes, ratchet, force switches, direction locks)
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_10.png
    Forearm platform adjustable height, depth, and angle
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_11.png
    Forearm handgrips extend forward and backward and angle adjustable
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_12.png
    Ankle prompts length adjustable, spring clips control stride length
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_13.png
    Hip positioner height adjustable and rotate
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_14.png
    Cushioned pad is removable 
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_15.png
    Trunk support adjustable in height, depth, width, and angle
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_16.png
    Trunk support adjustable straps, comfortable support
  • proimages/products/Walding_aids/StrideRider_/工作區域_17.png
    Thigh prompts height adjustable


SIZE (± 5%) S M L
Frame length  820 mm 820 mm 960 mm
Frame Width 580 mm 660 mm 710 mm
Top frame height  390-480 mm 540-660 mm 740-1000 mm
Chest brace height (overall) 480-700 mm 720-970 mm 940-1340 mm
User height from floor to elbow  490-700 mm 660-900 mm 840-1240 mm
Wheel diameter 140 mm 140 mm 140 mm
Approximate user height  70 - 115  cm 100 - 140  cm 130 - 195  cm
Maximum load capacity  34 kg 68 kg 91 kg
Weight  14 kg 16.1 kg 18.3 kg
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